ASTI sofa

ASTI sofa


The fold-out sofa Asti with high-quality oak back will make you happy for many years. Comfortable sofa’s back will make your leisure time even more pleasent. You can order customized in size and fabric of pillows product.


ASTI sofa


  • solid oak;
  • reliable construction;
  • movable armrests;
  • seat and back cushions;
  • 4 types of coating;
  • more than 18 color options;
  • 2 years of warranty

height to the back – 650 mm;
height to the seat – 450 mm;
seat depth – 830 mm;
external depth – 860 mm;
seat length with raised armrests – 1700 mm;
seat length with lowered armrests – 2000 mm.

Delivery and Warranty


As the parties agree.


Delivery is carried out according to the terms of delivery agreed by the Buyer and the Seller.


Standard production time for furniture is 25-30 business days. The manager will inform you about the readiness of the order.